7 – 24 July. Newcastle Art Space.

Gina Ermer – Everyday Observations Everyday Observations captures moments in time within Ermer’s home city of Newcastle. Familiar and candid these ‘Everyday’ moments reflect not just on the physical places of a city but highlight ordinary instances that speak about a way of life within this coastal city.

Nathan Keogh – Twists & Turns We all start out with a perception of what one’s life could and should be, society seems to dictate what is acceptable, proper and expected. I have used the ‘egg’ shape to represent life and in my sculptures some of these shapes seem to be at precarious points, some are sheltered and safe and some optimize balance. All of them are surrounded by twists and turns, bends, peaks and troughs… such as we all experience on the path of life.
Lise Anita & Maddyson Hatton – Field Notes
Field Notes draws inspiration from the impermanence of landscape, nothing is static, in the moment that this has been read life has been fleeting and undergone change, akin to Lises’ memories of Norway. These marks of landscape reflect ones act of finding home, the search for a sense of belonging through memory and what one believes something may seem to be. Maddy’s work considers cultural displacement and the transitory nature of landscape. Together these works consider their place in a world large and unique; they acknowledge our desire to hold permanence to something that is ever transient.

7 – 24 July- Newcastle Art Space.


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Save The Date | NEAP August 2016 | Newcastle Art Space

NEAP 2016

This year Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize (NEAP) is proud to announce Sulman and Archibald Prizes winner, Wendy Sharpe as a guest judge.

Interested in entering? Important dates are below:
Delivery of works: Monday 15th August
Opening Night and Award presentation: Saturday 20th August.

Proudly established by Newcastle Art Space founding members in 2001, NEAP aims to encourage and celebrate the best of Newcastle’s new talent.

For updates, please remember to follow the NEAP Facebook Page.